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The Argument Ninja Podcast

Mar 1, 2018

On this episode of the Argument Ninja podcast I talk about TRIBALISM and the challenges that our tribal psychology poses for critical thinking. This episode includes the audio for two sketchbook videos I've done on this topic, "The Dangers of Tribalism" (11 minutes) and "Our Tribal Intelligence" (13 minutes), with additional commentary not found in those videos. I give time stamps below to help you navigate the episode if you've already watched those videos. 

Show notes and links:

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(0:00 - 1:45) Introductory remarks. 

(1:45 - 10:40) A undeserved gift, and my reflections on the nature of grace and original sin (my "secular Christian existentialism").

(10:40 - 15:25) Commentary setting up the discussion of tribalism and critical thinking.

(15:25 -  26:52) The audio from my video on "The Dangers of Tribalism".

(26:52 - 30:18) Commentary on "The Dangers of Tribalism". The multidisciplinary character of research on tribalism. Setting up the discussion of tribal epistemology.

(30:18 - 42:40) The audio from my video on "Our Tribal Intelligence"

(42:40 - 48:16) Commentary on "Our Tribal Intelligence". Cognitive biases that have roots in our tribal nature. The "knowledge illusion". Metacognition (thinking about thinking). Who is doing research on collective intelligence and the psychology of effective teamwork.

(48:16 - 50:10) Wrapping up.